Add batteries to my solar system!

Add batteries to your grid connected solar system

If you’re not home during the day to use your solar power it is exported to the electricity grid for as little as $0.06 cents per kW. Your existing solar system can easily have batteries added to it, enabling you to store all that power and use it when you get home and at night. Your feed-in tariff can still be utilised, when your battery bank is charged, your surplus solar power will continue to be exported to the grid.

Most of your existing solar power system components can be used in a new battery storage system making it a cost-effective way to reduce or even eliminate your power bills.


If you’ve ever wondered “why should I add batteries to my solar system?”, our system may be right for you. This 24-hour graph indicates the power generated by a grid-connected solar power system (yellow) will be feed back into the grid (orange) if it is not consumed in your home. The (red) line represents the typical power usage in an average home, this shows us that a grid connect solar system can only service a small section of the power used. A battery storage system (blue) can store this solar power and offset most of the power used in the home.