Solar Power Systems with Battery Storage

Battery storage solar systems are the most effective way to get the most from a solar power system. When you’re not home during the day your solar power is sent out into the grid with little to no benefit to you as feed-in tariffs are as little as $0.06 cents and most homes usually consume the largest part of their power bill at night. By using batteries to store your solar power you can reduce your power bills to a fraction of what they normally are or even have no power bills at all.

Our batteries come with their own sophisticated battery management system to ensure they are never damaged during charging or providing power to your home. We have models available with a service life of over 10 years. They take up very little space and can even be fitted adjacent your home’s meter box. They are maintenance free and can be charged quickly.

The Green Collar Man can help you establish your solar battery storage system. We use the finest lithium batteries for solar to make sure our clients end up with a long-term, cost-effective solution. Read on to find out how it works, and contact us for a customised quote.


solar power systems with battery storage

During the day your solar panels power your home and charge your battery bank. Any surplus power is exported to the electricity grid and credited to your bill by your electricity provider.


lithium batteries for solar

At night your system will disconnect from the grid, all power will be supplied from your batteries. The system will only connect to the grid if the battery becomes depleted or high current power demands are detected.


battery storage solar systems

On days with cloud cover or bad weather your solar panels will not be able to power your home completely so your batteries will supplement these power shortages, if your system detects brief high current power demands it will connect to the grid even for just a few seconds. This protects your batteries from damaging discharges.