Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Environmentally Sustainable

Clean, renewable power

One Time cost

Never pay for a power bill again.

Online Monitoring System

Remote management for quicker resolutions

Hunter Valley Tree Change Solar Panels

Tree Change

Leave the city behind but take the convienence of on-demand power with you.  There can be a huge cost involved to connect to the grid. It is often much cheaper to set up an off-grid system – and never have a power bill again!

Hunter Valley Tree Change Solar Panels

Green Lifestyle

Reduce your carbon footprint and live sustainably, wherever you are. Give back to the energy community by sending your unused energy back to the grid.

Hunter Valley Tree Change Solar Panels

Rural Community

Supplement your power needs from the grid with battery storage. Relocatable power systems for farm equipment makes having power on the go a possibility.

Off-Grid Solar Power System Design

Hunter Valley Off-Grid Solar Power System Diagram Blue Power Storage Victron
Victron Off Grid System Monitor Hunter Valley Solar Power

System Monitoring

Victron GX Touch
Intutive monitoring system allowing you easy access to system information.

The GX Touch 50 and GX Touch 70 are display accessories for the Cerbo GX. The five inch and seven inch touch screen displays give an instant overview of your system and allow to adjust settings in the blink of an eye. Simply connected to the Cerbo GX with one cable, Their super slim waterproof design, top-mountable setup and simple installation bring a lot of flexibility when creating a crisp and clean dashboard.

Newcastle Inverter Charger MultiPlus-II_nw

Inverter Charger

Victron MultiPlus-II
A powerful inverter and charger with diverse programmable options.

The MultiPlus-II is a multifunctional inverter/charger with all the features of the MultiPlus, plus an external current sensor option which extends the PowerControl and PowerAssist function to 50A resp. 100A. The MultiPlus-II is ideally suited for land based off-grid applications and recreational vehicle systems. It also has built-in anti-islanding functionality, and an increasingly long list of country approvals for ESS application. Several system configurations are possible. For more detailed information see the ESS Design and configuration manual.

Hunter Valley Off Grid Solar Controller

Solar Charge Controller

Victron SmartSolar MPPT RS
Powerful, highly efficient solar charge controller allowing more options for solar panel placement.

The MPPT RS SmartSolar is a 48 V Solar charge controller with up to 450 VDC PV input and either 100 A, or 200 A output. It is used in on-grid and off-grid solar applications where maximum battery charging power is required.

With multiple MPPT trackers, you can optimize your solar panel design for maximum performance for your specific location.

Off Grid Battery Storage

Off-grid Lithium Battery

PylonTech Lithium Battery
Modular, 48V expandable battery system with high longevity

US3000C our is the latest HESS battery system provided by Pylontech with our abundant experience of delivering our product into more than300,000 users.It’ s long life character, highest energy and power density in the industry, fashionable design, easiness of installation and expansion, all reflects the real requirements of end users and strongest technical capability of Pylontech.

GoodWe’s Lynx Home U Series is a low voltage lithium battery especially designed for residential applications with superior performance, the safest battery technology (LFP) and optimized user experience. The in-built auto recognition function and the plug & play design allow for easy installation.

Vertex Solar Panels Newcastle

Solar Panels

Vertex S 400W
TSM-DE09.05 – 1/3-cut, MBB, 380-400W

Vertex S 400W module class is based on advanced technology from the Vertex platform. It is perfectly designed to fulfill specific requirements for rooftop application. Vertex S generates up to 410Wp power even in limited space, achieving 21.3% module efficiency with high density cell interconnection. Its multi-busbar technology stands for better light trapping, lower series resistance, improved current collection and enhanced reliability. Vertex S will give you up to 70W more power while comparable in size with conventional products. In other words: This module will provide the best balance of power, size and weight.

Save money.

Save the environment.

Go solar powered today.