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Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid solar power systems use off grid solar powered electricity supply with a combined battery storage system for off grid use. When the sun’s down or the grid goes down, your battery reserve can easily be switched over, ensuring you constant electricity at an affordable cost.

These hybrid systems are a great option for those who want to go off-grid, but are a much cheaper option over a completely off-grid system. Hybrid solar power is quickly becoming the popular option, offering a variety of benefits for property owners across the country.

What’s so great about these systems?

The first thing that has intrigued so many investors in this system is its guaranteed electricity either off or on grid. On grid, systems will shut down if they detect any failure, so during this period, off-grid power storage is utilised, giving you power while the rest of your neighbourhood wait for any blackout to subside.

What’s more, as a smaller system, these overcome the size restriction that some networks have, using an inverter that continues to produce as much energy as a larger system. They can also get you to take advantage of electricity tariffs that charge higher over peak periods of electricity use. With these added bonuses, as well solar power’s eco-friendly edge, it’s about time you switched to a trusted solar power system.

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