Solar Power Battery Storage Systems Available in Newcastle

Solar power battery storage systems are an increasingly popular choice in the solar power industry, as they offer effective solar energy for most homes. While you’re out at work during the day, the power supply feeds off tariffs that are at significantly lower costs than the peak hours of electricity usage. The lithium batteries will then store the solar power, reducing your power bills and supplying your home energy even during power-outs.

The Blue Power Storage range of batteries include a battery management system ensuring that they don’t damage during charging or supplying power throughout your home. Some of our Lithium batteries meant for solar storage have a service life of over 10 years, and take up little space in your home for convenience and easy installation. What’s more, they’re super low maintenance options.

Blue Power Storage is able to help you set up and install your solar battery storage system in Newcastle at an affordable price. We use latest innovative lithium ion batteries, ensuring all our clients have a long-term solution that saves them money.

How Our Solar Battery Storage Systems Work

Read on to find out how it works, and contact us for a customised quote.


During the day your solar panels power your home and charge your battery bank adding to the solar battery storage. Any surplus power is exported to the electricity grid and credited to your bill by your electricity provider.


At night your system will disconnect from the grid, all power will be supplied from your batteries. The system will only connect to the grid if the battery becomes depleted or high current power demands are detected.


On days with cloud cover or bad weather your solar panels will not be able to power your home completely so your batteries will supplement these power shortages, if your system detects brief high current power demands it will connect to the grid even for just a few seconds. This protects your batteries from damaging discharges.

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